12 Favourites from 12 Months of Balance Garden

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Yesterday marked one whole year of Balance Garden being awake and alive in the world. If you’re subscribed to our monthly love letter list then you’ll have read about some of the cool things we have coming up. You can see that newsletter HERE

To celebrate, our editor Jasmine has hand picked her favourite Balance Garden offerings from the year just gone, giving you an opportunity to recap on any highlights that you might have missed before we move into our next spin around the sun.

1) Chia Chilli Jam Recipe


Think Siracha sauce addictiveness, with none of the nasties. Yum.

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2) Supplements: Three Worth Considering


It is always preferable to get your nutrients from your diet, but in some cases, this is difficult to do. There are three supplements that our nutritionist Ola has in her personal arsenal. Learn how she uses them.

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3) 5 Benefits of Practicing Hand Mudras Regularly

Learn to integrate mudras into your life for greater emotional balance and wellbeing.

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4) Grilled Pineapple and Tamarind Salad


Don’t be left out at the BBQ again and be stuck with weird meat replacements. Make this juicy, succulent and attention grabbing dish and be the envy of all.

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5) Learn the Art of Self Love in a Culture of Comparison


In the immortal words of the wonderful Whitney Houston ‘learning to love yourself is the greatest gift of all’, so why do so many of us struggle with this simple act?

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6) Wake Up Happy - Nail Your Morning Routine


How we start our day can have a HUGE effect on our mood for the rest of the day. These daily routine tips take mere moments to implement, but their benefits will have you feeling happier and more peaceful for hours to come.

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7) Six Ways to Stoke Your Creativity


Think you’re “not creative”? Think again! Creativity takes many forms, it’s just about finding the right activities that turn you on to it.

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8) Create Your Dreams with the Help of the New Moon


A New Moon ritual to help you work towards your dreams

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9) How to Pick a Meditation Practice

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10) Sundays


A true reflection of the Balance Garden ethos - a n encouragement to ‘remember that careers aren’t the most important thing in the world.

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11) Feeling All the Feelings: Anxiety

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Psychotherapist Jen Woodward tackles a topic that so many of us struggle with.

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12) Roasted Aubergine with Harissa and Pomegranate Molasses

roasted aubergine.jpeg

Plant based cooking at it’s finest

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So there you have it, that’s our editor’s picks from the last 12 months. We are ready to head into our second year with more of the same and much much more!


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