Gratitude is the Right Attitude: Tips to Feel Happier


Today i’m exploring the popular term “gratitude” and sharing my tips to feel happier. Gratitude simply means to be thankful, to appreciate and acknowledge the good things in life. I always remember a wonderful quote when I think of gratitude:

Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.
— Lionel Hampton

Busy hectic lives can often cause people to forget their blessings and miss the gifts given by others. By practising gratitude daily you become present and notice your physical, psychological and social health improving.

Maybe the simplest and most effective tip I can offer is to take a few moments each day to focus on all that is present and take nothing for granted. Recognising everything - including the small stuff - and that life is a gift. I begin each morning by asking myself “What am I grateful for today” and list out everything in my head.

Please don’t caught up by numbers, just try and think of different things each day.

Life is better if you develop an attitude of gratitude.
— Lewis Howes

It is easy to get stressed and unmotivated during challenging times. An attitude of gratitude will help you switch your perspective. You’ll begin to see the abundance of opportunities within a challenge. By living gratefully through challenging experiences you’ll learn, develop and grow instead of feeling negative about the situation.

To be happier and boost your own confidence, seeing the great in yourself is key. Look inwards instead of outwards. Words are powerful, which is why I started the the self appreciation habit. Each day I think of one thing I appreciate about myself. To do this simply think about your own qualities - do you make people laugh, are you smart, kind, helpful or supportive. Perhaps you listened to a friend complain. Each day think of something different about yourself. This habit is about learning to turn towards what feels good in you.


Journaling is my final gratitude tip. Gratitude journaling has been reported through studies to have many benefits. Such as improved sleep, fewer symptoms of illness, and more happiness among adults and kids. Journaling is a basic and straightforward practice; you simply keep note ofall experiences you are grateful for each day/week. I like to keep mine to a simple single sentence. Writing is also a great way to be expressive, creative and organize thoughts. By keeping note you can look back whenever you need a happiness boost.

It’s important to remember every day won’t be perfect. By focusing on what you are grateful for you can live a happier and balance life.

I’m grateful to you, for taking the time out of your day to read my post. THANK YOU!

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Jayne Littler is a qualified yoga teacher and writer from the UK. A yogi since 2009, after becoming fed up of living in an unhealthy body and destructive mind. Jayne fell in love with the teachings and traditions of Yoga and fully immersed herself into the culture.

After spending 8 years within the ICT industry, in 2017 she quit her job to fulfill her dreams and passions. Travelling the world to teach, learn and gain valuable knowledge of Yoga. She now dedicates her time to inspire the world to live a more peaceful, happy and healthy life.
Mentoring clients on how to create inner strength, cultivate self-love and being happy in the present moment. You can find out more about here over on her facebook page or on Instagram @Jaynefitspo