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Is Yoga the death of the ego and a full time checking on your bullshit or is it the exact opposite?

Does the practice of asana make you humble as you need to navigate through its hardships, or is it actually the quickest way to earn more likes on your instagram page?

Through the practice of Yoga many of us have found more strength and confidence and that is something to cherish. The yoga classes in the west are mostly attended by women and we have been pushed into corners and made feel small for way too long, so I totally embrace my strong yoginis that come to class to connect to their badass self. However, I have come to realised that the yoga practice can sometimes be the journey of the self rather than a way to connect to others.

Stepping into the New Year, we often reflect and look back towards what lead us on the path we are today. Every month I sit down for my New Moon ritual, so reflecting is part of my routine, but it is true that the winter period gives us the opportunity to regroup our strength and take a step back to look at the bigger picture.

On my bigger picture I could see so much, and 2018 has been a year of growth for me particularly regarding my career. But to be fully honest, this year has been completely focused on myself, and for many reasons it was needed, but I am now wondering how I can give back.

Yoga means union, it does not mean crazy handstand skills, and I believe that needs to be reminded to all yogis that spend too much time on social media (myself included!).

I invite you this year, instead on focusing solely on yourself, and setting resolutions that you know too well you will have forgotten in few weeks, to follow me in embodying the union part of yoga: explore how you can be of service in your life.

Perhaps it is starting with small steps, for example helping people with heavy bags on the tube, or agreeing to take your little cousin to see that cartoon. But you could also get involved in charities, by setting a monthly payment, sharing their work with your friends, family and on your social media, or perhaps if you have the time, become a volunteer. If decluttering is part of your January resolutions, you could also give away some of your belongings that have been left unused for way too long.

From the first week of January, I will be starting to teach a weekly yoga class for Terre d’Asile, a French Charity that helps people asking for asylum and refugees. As a yoga teacher this is a very easy offering of my time and skills, and I hope this will inspire you to put yourself out there and be of service.

I want to open myself to you, reader, as well, and if you need anything that you believe I can offer help for, please reach out. Through Internet we can now connect beyond limits, so let’s use this tool to share love.

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Helen is a performer and a Yoga teacher. She teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Meditation in Paris. Her classes are catered for busy city lifestyle people who need to reconnect with themselves in movement as well as in stillness. She regularly leads workshops and retreats, find more about her work at and follow her yogic journey on instagram @LnWatkins

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