4 Ways to Beat the Heat

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It’s roasting in London (Balance Garden HQ)

Here’s 4 of the best ways to beat the heat from the blog archives.

We’re too hot to write anything more - too busy chasing through drafts…



Cooling Green Juice

There are some vegetables that have cooling properties, and if you make these the base of your juice, you may find that you cope much better with the heat of Summer.

Summertime Yin

Summertime Yin Yoga

Skip the sweaty flow class and opt for soothing, cooling Yin Yoga instead. Here’s a do-at-home-sequence you can do in your pants from the comfort of your house.

Cold Water

Cold Water Therapy

Cold showers are a necessity in the heat, but did you know that immersing yourself in cold water also has numerous health benefits?

Watermelon Cooler

Watermelon Fresh

Three refreshing recipes featuring uber-cooling watermelon.

Click below for how to make watermelon coolers, watermelon ice lollies, and watermelon slushies.

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Jasmine Pradhan is the editor and co-founder of Balance Garden, and is also a London based yoga teacher you can find her on instagram @stretchandthecity or on her website www.stretchandthecity.co.uk

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