Change One Thing: Takeaway Cups


The same way we take care of ourselves through yoga, meditation, connecting with friends and family… it is increasingly important to take care of our planet.The “Change One Thing” series will explore everyday items that we can use instead of disposable items to support a low-waste lifestyle. There is no need to think big from the start. Every mindful decision that we make in the right direction could help lower our impact to the environment.

As much as we’d like to take time to sit in a nice coffee shop or relax with a cuppa at home, sometimes it is so much more convenient to have a drink on-the-go. But did you know that according to a 2011 Which? Report, 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year in the UK. With the rapid growth of the coffee shop industry since then, this figure is likely to be an underestimate of usage now.

It may seem like just one cup here and there, but unless everyone makes an effort, these cups, whether they are paper or plastic, will add up. Here are some options for swapping that take-away cup for an eco-friendly reusable one that you can keep close for many years to come. With lots of sizes, designs, and functions to choose from, this guide can give you a brief overview.

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Sizes: 5

Material: Various

Price: From £7

One of the most well-known brands for reusable takeaway cups may be the KeepCup. Easy name to remember, and easy to keep in sight as you can customise the colour!

They have glass, clear plastic, and coloured plastic to choose from as the main material, for which you can choose the colour of the body, band, lid, and plug depending on the design.

KeepCup has five sizes to choose from – so you’re in good hands whether you are an espresso type or enjoy almost half a litre of your drink of choice.

Ecoffee Cup

Sizes: 4

Material: Bamboo fibre

Price: From £7.95

Ecoffee Cup uses bamboo fibre, which is the world’s fastest growing and most sustainable crop. They stand strongly against the single-use culture. The body of the cup is made of the bamboo fibre, and the lid and sleeve from silicone, making it light to carry. What makes them stand out is the bold colour and design of the cups – it’s almost a downside for me, because it’s hard to pick just one favourite style!


Sizes: 2

Material: Silicone and plastic

Price: From around £12

For anyone wondering how much space one’s own takeaway cup would take in a bag… not much if you choose Stojo. Their “pocket cup” is collapsible, shrinking from around 13cm to just 4.5cm! You could slide that into your back pocket if you like. If you don’t need to collapse it but like the Stojo look, you can also get their “biggie” which comes with a reusable straw. Take your pick!


Sizes: Various

Material: Stainless steel

Price: From around £10.95

A classic brand, known for its outdoor equipment such as their large flasks. You can get a smaller-sized flask for takeaway drinks starting at 350ml. Their flasks can keep drinks hot or cold for hours, and are a therefore clear winner for that in this list! They do have many different designs (e.g. direct drink or pouring into the lid to sip from it) and sizes, so if you are looking for something beyond a cup of tea or coffee on your commute, Thermos can offer durable, non-leak options for various scenarios.

Ceramic cups – Esty

Sizes: Various

Material: Ceramic

Price: Variable

A more personal takeaway cup is a hand-made ceramic one, many of which can be found on sites such as Esty. With hand-made ceramics, no two designs are the same, so this could also be a great present for someone that likes to drink out. A personal favourite is a design like Raphaela Ceramics ‘s cups, for which prices start at £22. Ceramic cups are a lot heavier than fibres and plastics, but the feel of the material and the taste make it special.

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