Breakfast to Put a Spring in Your Step AKA Easy Oats

Photo by  Charisse Kenion  on  Unsplash

Words and recipe by Blanka Priddle

As Spring really settles in and we get used to warmer days, sunshine on our faces and lighter mornings, I find that my ‘winter’ breakfast of cooked porridge with banana slices and toasted almond flakes no longer serves my body, or my mind. It starts to feel too heavy, weighing and slowing me down rather than uplifting to match the energy of the Spring season. In full Summer I love to eat just fruit first thing in the morning; ripe fragrant peaches, delicious sweet watermelon or rich dark red cherries. But in this time of transition from dark and cold into warmer days, I am looking for something in between, and this recipe is what I usually end up making.

I am sure you have seen many variations of chia pudding in the past few years, but personally I enjoy chia more in combination with the creamy oats and still crunchy soaked seeds, as it gives them a more pleasing texture, at least in my opinion.

You can of course play with this as much as you like. Sometime I add a grated apple or tiny cubes of crunchy pear, play with spices and sprinkle liberally with vanilla essence or a couple of microplane grinds of nutmeg. If you know it’s going to be a long time till lunch you can drizzle a little bit (or a lot) of a creamy nourishing nut butter, and if you like your breakfast super creamy, you can use a lot more coconut yogurt, too, stirring it into the mix in the morning and leaving small lumps of the rich yogurt to create different texture in each bite.

Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy Easy Oats as much as I do!

Easy Oats Recipe

c = cup

T = Tablespoon 

t = teaspoon 

Ingredients and Equipment

1.5 c Hazelnut milk (recipe below)

2 T Chia seeds

3 T Oats

2 - 3 T Sunflower seeds

1 capsule or 1/2 t Probiotic powder of your choice or 2 T life coconut yogurt

1 pint sized Mason jar (or any other similar size jar with a lid)

1 c Mixed berries

1 Banana - sliced

2 T Hazelnuts - chopped or sliced


Anything else you enjoy!


  • Take your Mason jar. Put all dry ingredients in, emptying the probiotic powder in from your capsule if using. Give it a little shake to mix everything well.

  • Top up with your hazelnut milk, put the lid on and close tightly. Give it a vigorous shake until everything is mixed together without any lump. You may want to shake it a couple more times in the next few minutes to make sure everything stays nicely mixed.

  • Leave in the fridge overnight.

To serve, layer berries, bananas and the pudding in beautiful glasses. Top with more berries, the hazelnuts and a sprinkling of cinnamon if you like. Serve with extra Hazelnut milk on the side.

Note: Although the Mason jar makes this such an easy breakfast to put together, the pudding can be also made in a bowl, just make sure that you whisk it thoroughly to prevent lumps.

Home made Hazelnut Milk


1/2 c Hazelnuts

Few Macadamia nuts - optional – but they add wonderful richness to the milk!

1.5 – 2.5  c filtered water – use less water if you like your milk (and your breakfast) creamier, use more water for a lighter version.


  • Blend until nuts are broken into very fine pieces and the liquid is white in colour.

  • Then strain through a nut milk bag (easily found on internet and very handy!) or through a fine cheese cloth. 

  • Store in a glass bottle and serve with the breakfast, or use as a healthy base for a fruit smoothie. You can discard the pulp or get creative and make cakes, burgers etc.

* You may of course use a shop-bought milk. My favourite is Plenish, as it had few ingredients and no nasties in it as well as higher percentage of nuts compared to other brands.

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Blanka has been passionately learning about all things natural and alternative since her teens and has been on this exploring journey for almost three decades now. She discoved essential oils back in the 90s, fell in love with raw living foods in the noughties, and played with many other things in between. She is a Kundalini as well as Hatha yoga teacher, enjoys cooking, makes her own beauty products, and is always on a quest to find the best coffee in town.

Originally from the Czech Republic, she now lives with her Husband and a cat called Chloupek in SE London, where she teaches from her cosy yoga studio.

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