Editor's Letter: May Day


Dearest Readers,

Wow May already! That marks one full month of Balance Garden out in the world. Thank you to all of you who have engaged with our content and given us lovely feedback so far. We cherish this growing community and we’re so glad to hear that the articles are useful to you. Balance Garden is all about providing simple and accessible (i.e. useable) info to help you lead more fulfilled lives, and from what you’re saying, we think we are hitting the spot. Do keep getting in touch. We love hearing from you.

May 1st, this potent point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, the time of year that swings us firmly towards summer, celebration, bounty and exploration. In the Celtic calendar it’s the festival of Beltane, which is all about fire, fertility and festivities. It’s a time to emerge fully from spring’s peak and transition into summer (we can hope eh).

Here’s a few ways to mark the date:

  • With a bonfire in the garden: Always a great way to mark a transition or celebration and especially relevant today for its connection with the Beltane fires which were lit to celebrate the growing presence of the sun. If you don’t have the space to light a bonfire, light a few candles, invite some friends over and just indulge in good company.

  • Go out dancing: May Day and Beltane are about enjoyment and energy. Many of you will remember dancing round a maypole at school, take that giddiness out with you and move your body.

  • Get Floral: Pay homage to the beauty of springtime and decorate your home with flowers, or get outside and enjoy them in a park or other green space with people that make your life sweeter.

  • Make Love. This is the festival and season of fertility!

  • Stand up for worker’s rights by supporting International Workers’ Day which falls on May 1st by attending a rally or protest that you feel strongly about, or write a letter to your MP and make your voice heard.

Coming up this month on Balance Garden we have more fantastic content including a recipe for breakfast pudding (yes please), how to cleanse your spaces of negative energy, a yin yoga sequence, poetry, book reviews, self care rituals and much much more. Looking forward to sharing it with you.

Until next time you hear from me enjoy the rest of the month’s articles, and be in touch, we’d love to hear from you to know if there is anything in particular you would like us to cover.


Jasmine xxx

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Jasmine Pradhan is the editor and co-founder of Balance Garden, and is also a London based yoga teacher you can find her on instagram @stretchandthecity or on her website www.stretchandthecity.co.uk