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Hello Friends,

Happy August.

You may or may not have noticed that things have been a little quieter over on the Balance Garden site, but we are still here...just rolling with summer's high energy and making space for all the other things that call for our attention, like summer retreats, lots of time outside, and many of our writers taking well deserved breaks to be with family and friends.

This way of adapting our workflow and ways of being in the world, to the ebbs and flows of energy that the natural world is reflecting, is at the very heart of Balance Garden's ethos. I hope you're finding ways to be in flow too, and embracing the freedom of staying flexible and open.

I have exciting news!

Balance Garden is bringing you a new in-person wellbeing space!


We have a physical home! We are really happy to be partnering with the iconic Flat Iron Square to provide a wellbeing element to the food, culture and socialising opportunities already on offer there.

The project is called "SHAPE YOUR LIFE" (or just "SHAPE" for short) and offers classes for everyone, that are designed to bring you into balance through movement, meditation, energy work and lots of loving attention from our teachers.

The Siding

'The Siding', our home for the classes (pictured above), is one of Flat Iron Square's many stunning indoor spaces and it's a little oasis of calm with loads of natural light in the heart of the vibrant Bankside area.

We are celebrating by giving away FREE YOGA CLASSES so you can meet the teachers and come and check out the space.

Classes are on us for two weeks but booking is essential.

I really hope you can make it - check out the classes on offer and find out more about the space here: https://www.balancegarden.co.uk/regular-classes

That's all for now, 'til next time -

Blue Skies

Jasmine xXx
Balance Garden Editor

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Jasmine Pradhan is the editor and co-founder of Balance Garden, and is also a London based yoga teacher you can find her on instagram @stretchandthecity or on her website www.stretchandthecity.co.uk

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