Flowers and Wellbeing


The hippies from the 1960s chanting “flower power” were onto something - flowers, just like peace, are good for our mental health.

Research shows that indoor flowers and plants promote wellbeing. Their presence improves our cognitive performance, their scent can improve our moods and make us less anxious, and their colour helps energise or calm us – depending on the saturation of the petals.

The faded blooms on your potted plants can be rejuvenated simply deadheading throughout the summer.

Roses, geraniums and most annual plants benefit from regular deadheading which helps direct the plant’s energy into stronger growth and more flowers.

There are two main ways to deadhead flowers:

  • With finger and thumb - the simplest method is to just pinch off the faded blooms with finger and thumb. Aim to remove the flower with its stalk to ensure the plant looks tidy.

  • With secateurs, scissors or a knife - deadhead plants with tough or stringy stems, using secateurs, scissors or a knife.

So why not give the plants in your home a little extra love this Summer and enjoy the positive psychological payback

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Georgina is a gardener, writer and presenter. She is passionate about how gardening can complement a holistic lifestyle and how small changes can make a big impact on your happiness.

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