Guided Woodland Sounds Meditation

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Words and Meditation by Nid Ra

This meditation includes live sounds from the woodlands where it was recorded.

Why this meditation practice?

The natural healing energy of the wind, wood, and animal sounds connect the meditator back to nature and the cycles of change in life. The whirring of the wind, movement of the leaves and branches, coos of the birds and thuds on the earth are all a part of the natural sounds that the body is trained to hear as its environment.

It is very easy when living in a city to fill the ears with the sounds of music to silence car engines, bells and lawn mowers etc. Complete silence is rare and hard to find! So, a meditation designed with natural sounds helps the brain connect back to ‘neutral’ without the need for silence.

The wind clears the mind, removing dead leaves and branches which creates the space for new roots to grow. The animals feed and life flourishes, just like the human potential.

Benefits of this meditation:

Beyond the ‘usual’ benefits of meditation, as discussed here

  • These natural sounds make the mind feel safer, more secure and peaceful.

  • Reset the mind and feelings to their natural state.

  • Enjoy the journey of clearing and replenishing the mind with nature.

  • A break in nature without leaving where you are, right now.

Try it out and let us know if you enjoy it!

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Nid loves all her incarnations as an energy healer and coach, massage therapist, teacher of mind-body movement through yoga and Pilates, and blog writer. She is a passionate messenger on how to find your truth and live in alignment with your soul. Her work attracts people going through major life changes, long-term pain or health issues to discover how to live life with joy in mind, body, and spirit. She can be found working on retreats and online worldwide at

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