Photo from the British Homeopathy Association

Photo from the British Homeopathy Association

How do you feel about Homeopathy? It's a contentious subject and seems to divide people as strongly as proverbial Marmite. Today on the Balance Garden blog we hear from one of our contributors about her personal experience with homeopathy and how it helped her when conventional medicine couldn't.

Words by Jodie Greene

When I was three I became really ill. I got an inflamed right eye and I got sent straight to hospital. My parents got told I had uveitis, iritis, adhesions between the pupil and lens and cataracts. Quite a lot for one eye on a little person.

The thing is, the doctors didn't have a clue what to do with me or how to treat it. At one point they said they thought it was Lupus and because of the rapid rate of deterioration I could have as little as 2 weeks to live. Well, I now have two children of my own, a 5-year-old and a 2 and a half-year-old and the thought of someone telling me the same thing about one of my children makes my stomach lurch and my eyes fill with tears. I cannot imagine what it did to my parents at the time.

They then told my parents that they were wrong and I, in fact, had all of the issues above. They said that they couldn't do much for me, that my eye would continue to deteriorate, that I would be on steroids for the rest of my life and obviously need a very risky operation for the cataracts.

My parents had grown up in families that knew nothing about alternative treatments. My mum always disliked conventional treatments, she 'felt' they were wrong but didn't really know why. In the depths of despair when they thought there was no hope, a nurse at the hospital suggested Homoeopathy. My mum didn't know what it was but was desperate and would have tried anything. At the end of the day she had nothing to lose.

My mum found a Homoeopath straight away and booked an appointment to see her. We had a consultation, got given remedies and told to book an appointment for 6 weeks time. Within days the inflammation calmed and the cataracts were stopped in their tracks. I was told to get my eye checked by the hospital annually. In the beginning, doctors had said that since I got cataracts at 3 I would need glasses as a child and an operation on my eye in my teens at the latest.

Well...I didn't need glasses until I was 22 and even then mainly for driving and I was discharged from the hospital at 32 with them saying that I might need an operation in my old age! They couldn't believe that it had not developed in 29 years. Homeopathy literally saved my eye and my sight.

Since then Homoeopathy has helped me with everything from general infections to emotional stability, conception, pregnancy and birth. While in labour with my second child she was back to back. I took a particular remedy and within as little as 10 minutes she had turned!

My parents were astounded at how well and how quickly Homoeopathy had worked. The whole family have been seeing my homeopath ever since and my mum trained to be a Homoeopath when I was 9. After seeing how well it worked first hand she knew it was her calling. She has had many miracles happen in her care too.

What angers me is when I hear (from people who most often know nothing about it) that Homoeopathy is a placebo. This comes from a distinct lack of knowledge of what it actually is. My response always is 'how could a placebo possibly work on a 3 year old?!" But really I feel sad for them; they will never know how truly powerful it is.

If you are interested in finding a holistic alternative to common aliments or illnesses, homeopathy could be for you. When looking for a Homeopath make sure that they are registered and qualified from a recognised Homeopathic College.

*This blog is my own opinion and personal success story and does not represent the views or opinions of any colleges of Homeopathy nor is it any way a form of medical advice.

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Jodie is passionate about alternative health after it changing her life when she was young. This continued into a yoga practice which led her to give up her career as a Primary School Teacher to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. She then certified in Zen Yoga, to share her passion further. She works with the body’s energy channels assisting students to release physical and emotional blockages. She also uses her artwork as a form of personal meditation and tries to lead a spiritual life. Her ethos is that Yoga and other alternative therapies are about being in tune with your body, healing, letting go and above all, being happy. You can find out more about her over on her website or on instagram or facebook