Come to MAKEMORE Festival with Balance Garden


Hello lovely Balance Garden tribe,

Jasmine your editor here. Just jumping on the site to talk a bit more about our collaboration with MAKEMORE Festival. You may have seen a couple posts mention it over the last week, and several of our writers have been discussing creativity (check those out here and here).

As you probably know by now, Balance Garden is all about bringing together the many strands of your life. and inviting more joy, more rest, more peace into them to balance out the pressures of modern urban living. We share with you tips, techniques, tools, meditations, yoga sequences, poems, recipes and much much more that we hope will add value to your lives, make you smile and soften your edges.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, creative expression is so important for a life that feels spacious and fulfilled. That's not to say you need to be attending painting classes or classically training your voices, but rather that you seek out practices and spaces where you feel free to be completely yourself. To express, with no fear of judgement (from the outside world- but more importantly from yourself), your heart's truest desires. Practices and spaces where you don't feel hemmed in, pressurised, muted, numb. Practices and spaces that make your cells come alive, that you enjoy, and that make you feel connected.

That's why we were so pleased to see MAKEMORE festival as a newcomer to the festival scene. Taking place over five days in Victoria Park, London, the festival will be home to every imaginable way of making and creating. Just a few of the things on offer include weaving, carving, writing, baking, pickling, photographing, grafiti-ing, singing, dancing, infusing, blending, and just too much more to mention here. Check out their website for more info, or their Eventbrite page for a better description of the lineup.

What's even better is that we have a pair of day tickets for the festival to give away to a Balance Gardener. All you have to do is enter our giveaway, and the winner will be picked at random and announced on Monday. 

Good Luck!

Please note, Balance Garden are not receiving any financial compensation for promoting this festival. No vested interests here. We just want to help connect you to events and resources that feed the soul, and we think this will be one of them <3