Making Oils Essential In Our Everyday


In this crazy busy world learning to slow down and listen is becoming crucial to our health & sanity.

Showering is a ritual we carry out most days, and a good time to focus in on how we are feeling. We subconsciously partake in a lot of rituals & practices. They ground us, strengthen our resolve and give us structure for the day ahead. For everything we are in need of, there is an Essential Oil that can support us. Our personal wellness treasure trove, literally at our fingertips.

Last weekend I had the honour to attend a Conference of over 5000 people at Excel. Sharing the nature of the world’s best and most potent oils was exciting enough, but hearing what some of the most eminent Doctors had to say about the future of medicine with essential oils, was mind-blowing.

So how do essential oils work?

Our sense of smell is more sensitive and immediate than any of our other senses, which is why aromas can be so evocative. Chemicals in a scent can trigger physiological responses and affect our mental state. These combined effects enable aromatic oils to work holistically on mind, body & spirit, bringing balance, healing and often a profound sense of wellbeing.

Essential Oils enhance wellbeing and mood, promote relaxation, improve concentration and focus, balance energy, work as antiseptics, relieve pain and reduce inflammation, help boost immunity, influence hormones,  promote spiritual pursuit, enhance mindful practices and energy flow of energy.

These little 5ml & 15ml bottles are packing a powerful punch and can be either used topically, with or without fractionated coconut oil, in a diffuser or ingested. A drop or two of lemon in your G&T or lime in your Mexican Beer is lush!

Coming back to our crazy busy world, the one in our head. Imagine if you had a way to assess how you feel and what you needed for your day ahead.

Emotional Aromatherapy

Well now you can because an Emotional Aromatherapy is easy and effective for anyone dealing with common negative emotions as skilled aromatherapists have put together proprietary essential oil blends. These encourage, uplift, inspire, renew, comfort & reassure. These blends are based around citrus, spices, herbs & grasses, trees, florals and mints and are divine.

I love the fact that it is possible to take control and find alternative ways of nourishing your body and feeding your soul. It is the ultimate act of self-care but not something to be kept totally to yourself. Your family deserves the very best attention too. From babies to grandparents, there is something for everyone with clear instructions, education, and support at every step.

There is limitless energy within each of us but it tends to get buried and negated by all the distractions in our lives and our inability to add what is truly meaningful, plus and our blind spots around truly taking care of ourselves in a sustainable way. At their core, rituals and daily practice are a way of putting on our own oxygen mask before we attempt to take care of anyone else.

Below is an example of how I start my ‘slow start assessment’ in the shower. There is something luxuriously connecting & comforting about being under warm water. The element that get’s you back in the flow.

Slow Start Assessment

Take three deep breaths right down into your belly and hold the breath for longer periods before exhaling, each time.

Anchor your feet into the shower as if your feet were being safely held by tendrils from the earth.

Close your eyes.

If possible, stretch and raise your arms over your head and bend slightly backward.

Then carefully bend over and lower your arms so your hands are near the floor.

Come back to upright.

Do a body scan from your head to your toes. Any discomfort, do you notice anything unusual?

Note negative but then also positive.

Be grateful for your strong healthy body. This machine never stops and is under-rated & awesome.

Here is what I discovered for myself today. Having had a family gathering I had somewhat overindulged the night before.

My essential oil toolkit supported me in the following ways:

Peppermint rubbed into temples for a headache.

Digestzen rubbed my belly for discomfort and bloating.

Clary Calm put in my diffuser necklace for the awesome smell, soothing, calming, balancing and well-needed clarity, over the fog.

Frankincense as a base prior to my make up for a radiant look and to assist with those lines. I also use it to strengthen my weak fingernails.

Coriander drop with my scrambled eggs. So many benefits, but I just love the taste.

Lemon, in my water bottle for the day to invigorate, cleanse & uplift me, and not a sugar in sight.

This selection changes on a daily basis, dependent on my needs. The sheer scope of what is available is just tremendous. Not to mention that they come straight from nature, and are pure and potent with no fillers or nasties.

I hope I've given you a glimpse of what is possible. Handy for all those times you have queued on the phone for an appointment with a Doctor to maybe get one ‘soonish’. In the meantime, whilst you are waiting, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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