The Mind Works in Mysterious Ways

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Imagine for one moment that you are 100% in control to manifest anything you desire in your life. Add to that, that you do so for the greater good. What if we do actually have the power to shape our destinies?

Many of the “World’s Great’s” have provided valuable insights into how we might harness the full power of our minds for higher purposes- to create better lives, truer selves and happier societies. For me this is a never ending intrigue for which I am curious, transformed and challenged by.

Come with me on a journey of exploration through the layers of the mind and discover what is possible when we are open to spiritual and personal power, and when we desire to manifest the lives that are available to us.

I recently returned from Bali. A beautiful place, filled with the loveliest people.

I had great teachings and mammoth reflections, none of which I could decipher or put into place while I was there because I was so distracted and consumed by the noise, busyness and travel. All of which I felt at odds with.

It is only since I have returned to Devon, and the quietness of our home, that I feel I can express myself. I so wasn’t expecting that. I was ready for a spiritual awakening. What I got was Paradise, but busier and a smack between the eyes that sometimes what you seek, you already have.

Let’s have our heads examined

The conscious mind is where your focus and awareness is, and the part you typically use to interact with the world. Sometimes, you’ll use this part to direct your physical actions, whereas other times, your subconscious takes over your body and your conscious mind goes elsewhere—like when you’re driving a car, but actually thinking about what you’ll be making for dinner.

The subconscious mind is the layer beneath the conscious mind, where you store readily-accessible memories like how to drive a car or your phone number etc. It also absorbs information from your conscious mind and from your senses, translating it into emotions, feelings, images, and energy.

The unconscious mind is the deeper reservoir where your suppressed memories and beliefs about the world are held, influenced by the events of your past. This space can be harder to get to, and harder to change.

During my trip to Bali, I referenced all three. When I was travelling around or trying to get to sleep my mind was conscious of the noise and busyness. When I was swimming, sharing a meal with my husband or taking in a breath-taking sunset I was accessing my true essence and really tapping in to the beauty surrounding me. As I reflected I realised my mind was telling me that my expectation of a tropical, long haul holiday would be like the relaxing, chilled experienced of our Honeymoon in the Maldives. I realise now that I inaccurately set that expectation and that’s why I was somewhat disappointed. This was me accessing my unconscious memories. Different time, different place, different experience.

The patterns that run in your unconscious mind—your regular habits, impulse behaviours, and deep seated beliefs—can be changed. The key is to apply your conscious focus to what you truly desire: who you want to be in the world, the positive impact you want to have, the life that will allow you to reach your highest potential.

Many people walk through life on auto-pilot, without actually thinking about what’s going on in their own heads. They react to feelings, emotions, and events in whatever ways are most familiar to them.

Have you ever been heartbroken, disappointed, depressed, or stuck in a rut? Maybe you’ve experienced an inner monologue that goes something like: “I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy of happiness. No one will ever love me. Success isn’t possible for me. I’m nobody.” Some of these might be echoes of beliefs held in your unconscious, piping up at any sign of disappointment, rejection, or things not going your way.

These thoughts have tremendous power over you. They not only drain your energy and fill you with painful emotions, they actually limit what is possible for you to manifest in the real world. They trap you in a negative cycle, producing a similar effect to whatever caused them in the first place!

If you want to change your life, this is where you start. You don’t need to allow negative ideas to rule your mind—they serve no one, least of all you! This is the crux of conscious living, of self-mastery, and of creating your fullest life.

It takes mental effort to keep yourself aligned with a higher vibration. Here are some other tips to support you.

Visualise what you want. Imagine, for example, that you are a best selling author and you are looking through the window at piles of your books on display at the bookshop.

Create your reality by making those books pop. See the colours you have used in the picture, feel proud of the title. Focus in on your name and see people inside pick up the book, open the book and take it to the counter to pay for it.  

This is your conscious mind influencing your sub-conscious mind which doesn’t actually know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. So your subconscious actually believed this was happening to you, and that you FELT it.

It is possible to focus that visionary power over your subconscious to produce not just feelings but actual results! When you consciously choose your thoughts, you also influence your creative energy and your ability to bring those thoughts to life.

So the pictures you hold in your mind influence how you interact with the world around you and what you call in to your life. If you begin to practice directing your thoughts, you’ll start to manifest people, places, opportunities, and events to match those thoughts. If you exude a high-vibrational energy, you will be a magnet for a high-vibrational experiences.

The clearer and more specific your vision, the clearer the signal you send to the Universe. A lot of times people fail to manifest what they desire because they aren’t clear on their desires, or they think they aren’t getting results quickly enough, so they get discouraged and quit. It takes faith, practice, and trust to hold onto your vision in the face of adversity or disappointment. But if you develop a strong spiritual practice, you will find it much easier to stay rooted in your deepest desires.

Bali taught me that beauty is all around and that it’s important to make a ritual out of reverence for something bigger than yourself. I will continue to honour and expand on my daily practices, be grateful for all I have and am, and to continue to influence and lead for the greater good.

It takes courage to read your mind and shape your destiny. If it was easy, there wouldn’t be such a colossal personal development/self-help field, vying for your attention. Give yourself the respect you deserve by taking the time to listen to what you don’t say out loud. Blot out the ‘should’s and could’s’ they are there to obstruct and derail you. Journaling, meditation, tapping and yoga are all great tools to reinforce your reality. It’s important to find the ones that work for you.

Then, tap into to what you truly desire. You will know when you feel that energy fizz. Feel it, see it, become it. Then let that Beautiful Mind get to work.

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