Creating Your Dreams with the Help of the New Moon


Helen shares how synchronising her life with the moon has helped her stay on track and achieve her goals and dreams. Let us know if you have your own New Moon ritual, or what you discover when you try this one!

Over a year ago I started doing e my new moon ritual every single month. And I have manifested so much joy in my life. I have practiced different methods and rituals, and thanks to all that inspiration I have found my own which I am now sharing with you. I believe this will help you manifest your dream life, by following this ritual monthly, or perhaps as a stepping-stone to find your own practice.

Why the New Moon?

Have you ever felt that you did your very best, but things did not work out? The timing was just not right. This New Moon ritual would be good practice at any moment of the month, as sitting with yourself, counting your blessings and reassessing your goals is always a good idea to manifest what your heart truly desires. But, the moment you align yourself with the moon, you connect with celestial timing. Opportunities will flow your way, and you will only have to trust the universe and claim what you deserve.

To get started, you will need:

• a Pen and paper or notebook

• some cut pieces of paper

• a Candle

• a Pot

• any objects that holds a spiritual meaning for you (ex: Crystals, Palo Santo, Sage, Photos, Singing bowl…)

• Optional: oracles cards or tarot cards.


Step 1: Set the mood

Start by creating a space that inspires you. I normally light a few candles around me, I burn some Palo Santo and set up crystals that I feel will bring a positive energy into my month’s intentions. For example, if your main focus is on “love”, you may want to put some rose quartz around you. Add to this list anything that will help creating the perfect atmosphere for your ritual.

Step 2: Connect with yourself

This is not a practice to rush. Take the time to arrive. Close the eyes, take few deep breaths, maybe meditate for several minutes, to make sure you are focusing all your attention inwards.

If you enjoy drawing cards, and you own a deck, this is the ideal moment to draw a card and see what the universe has to say to you.

Step 3: Gratitude practice

I begin this step by reading last month’s New Moon Goals and Wishes list. This helps me realise what I have accomplished as well as making me a lot more grateful for what I have.

“Do you remember when you wanted what you currently have?”

Then, I grab my pen and some paper (or notebook), and start writing down anything that I feel grateful for, at the moment, and from my past month. It can be anything from the weather, to my friends and family, my health, etc.

Do not write things that you feel you should be grateful for: really be honest, and see what is bringing you joy at that moment into your life. I also write down my successes: it can be anything, small or big, that you feel you have accomplished this month. Maybe you were stressed about something, and it actually went well: write it down! Acknowledge what you have done, and be proud of yourself.

Step 4: Let go of what isn’t serving you

For this step we grab the pot, the candle, and a piece of cut paper. Begin writing on the paper “I release…” and let go of anything that is not serving you. You can release fear, pain, stress, attachment etc.

Be specific in your writing and focus your mind on letting go of all these negative feelings or thoughts. Put the piece of paper in the candle, and throw the burning piece in the pot. Watch it burn fully before moving on to the next thing you want to let go. If it didn’t burn entirely, the universe is telling you that you will need more work to fully release all you desire.

Keep this process going for as long as you need, first writing down what you want to let go, really feeling it leaving your body, burning it and watching it being consumed.

Step 5: Goals and Wishes

Finally, it is time to write down everything you desire for the month to come. I see goals as things you can accomplish fully on your own and wishes as things you need the help of the universe for.

For example, if you aren’t feeling your physical best, your goal you could be to bring yourself back to a healthier routine and diet. Or you may wish to meet your soulmate, to have a raise at work, or to have a stress free month.

Also, I recommend to make the wishes things you believe you are able to accomplish during the coming month. If you wish to buy a house, but you are currently unemployed, maybe it would be more accessible to first wish for a job.

I am not saying you cannot wish for incredible things to happen to you, but I believe that when we set the bar too high we can feel overwhelmed and as if our dreams weren’t accessible to us, whereas when you start breaking them down, you can create the ladder to have all you ever desired.

Step 6: Set a clear affirmation

Pick one wish from the list, the one that truly lights your heart. Close your eyes and repeat your affirmation in your mind, like a mantra. For example, if your main wish is to meet your soulmate, your affirmation could be “Thank you universe for putting on my path my soulmate, I am in love and truly happy”. Keep repeating this affirmation in your mind until you genuinely feel it in your body. You need to believe that your wishes can become true for them to be reality.

You are now done with your New Moon wishes! Keep your list carefully so you can read it next month and feel grateful for the things that you once desired, and that you now have.


Helen is a performer and a Yoga teacher. She teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Meditation in Paris. Her classes are catered for busy city lifestyle people who need to reconnect with themselves in movement as well as in stillness. She regularly leads workshops and retreats, find more about her work at and follow her yogic journey on instagram @LnWatkins

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