Why Reiki Is the Perfect Holistic Treatment to Kick Start Your Positive Changes This Spring


The season full of promise is upon us, and the fresh breath of air that shakes the blossoms from their trees is also here to shake us up and wake us up from our winter hibernation.

It’s undeniable that springtime has a special feeling permeating through the air, radiating feelings of fresh hope and new beginnings, brightness and vitality returning slowly but surely to every sun starved tree that we see.

The changes we see and feel in nature remind us of the changes we ourselves wish to make in our own lives: changes that can be new or long struggled with.  Over the winter we may have planted new seeds of thoughts or ideas into our minds, which we now wish to set into motion. A career change may be calling, or you may wish to be free by breaking patterns of old relationships, manifest new adventures, or the strength to take care of yourself may be your priority. Whatever it is, we can often need a little help to guide us in making these new goals a reality.

Just as in nature the trees need help from the sun and the rain to bloom, we too can need a little extra help in our quest to reach our higher levels of potential. How can we emulate the spring and start to clear out the old energy stored in our bodies, minds and spirits, and free up new spaces to expand into? ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is a motto that reminds us that before we can bring in new ideas and positive changes, we first need to make the space available for them to enter.

This is where Reiki comes in

Reiki is a powerful spiritual healing energy which helps you to remove old and negative energy which you have been storing in your body. Just as the springtime rain comes to cleanse the new year, reiki energy can cleanse your body and mind, allowing for feelings of clarity to arise, and bringing your mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony.

Reiki treatments will help you to understand yourself on a deeper level, highlighting energy blocks and patterns of behaviour, or past traumas which you no longer need to hold on to, and aiding you in releasing them.

It can help you to look for the reasons behind why you are stuck in certain areas. Once these blocks are realised and released, the capacity for transformation and positive change will increase, enabling you to proceed to your next step with more ease and confidence.

If you’re looking to implement positive changes in your life this spring, Reiki may be the perfect treatment to aid you on your path.


Anna is a Reiki therapist and Psychology graduate from the UK, living and working in Berlin.Find out more about Reiki on her website www.wavesreiki.com

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