The Importance of Rest and Recovery


With 1 in 7 people members of a gym and a market value estimated at £4.7 billion. The fitness industry is growing rapidly. Every day many of us are putting our bodies under major stress to be the fittest and strongest version of ourselves.  However many of us are performing at only 80%, when we could be achieving 100%. Do you ever wonder why you're struggling with one more rep or not beating your Personal Record? Today I talk about the importance of rest and recovery.

“When we recover our energy is restored”

We understand the importance of training and exercise but what about rest and recovery? Rest and recovery is allowing the body to repair and strengthen itself.

Why recovery should be part of your training programme

Many of us are focused on training and achieving our goals that we often put pressure on ourselves and feel guilty when taking a day off. We take the fanatic approach of training everyday. However more harm than good is being done. The fitness culture can create a negative mindset with constant inspiration pictures being fed to us through the social media, everyday a new fad hyping and constant reminder of all the benefits of exercise. Pressure and disappointment sets in when goals aren't achieved. Time isn't set aside to repair and restore. It’s important to find the balance.

“When too much stress is applied to the body, injuries and exhaustion kick in”

How to recover

Stress fractures, muscle strains, joint pains and depression are some of the symptoms of overtraining. In the end you’ll only weaken your body and mind. During exercise muscle tissue is broken, energy sources are used and fluids are lost. Athletes and fitness fanatics  can also feel psychological pain which can lead to depression and mental health issues.

Intense workout and exercise does of course have many benefits but it should not be done daily.

Recovery all starts with nutrition. For example did you know calcium assists in muscular contractions and if you don’t have enough it uses what is stored in the bones? Kale is a great source of calcium.


Stretching is often something many skip but is a key to muscle growth and preventing injuries. Yoga is one of the most effective stretching disciplines but will also aid a positive mindset. Through yoga one has the potential to enhance fitness levels by improving strength, flexibility, balance and mind control.


Getting enough sleep every night is powerful and crucial to rest and recovery. When we sleep are energy levels are restored and muscles are repaired.



Switch your perspective and think of the consequences if you don't allow downtime after exercise. Remember the more you put into your fitness the greater need for rest and recovery.

Find a balance! Dedicate specific time and begin to see the positive effects. Goals will be achieved and performance levels will increase. Don’t be a fool and ignore your body, listen to it, your body will speak to you.

Remember REST = Recover, Eat, Sleep, Train.

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Jayne Littler is a qualified yoga teacher and writer from the UK. A yogi since 2009, after becoming fed up of living in an unhealthy body and destructive mind. Jayne fell in love with the teachings and traditions of Yoga and fully immersed herself into the culture.

After spending 8 years within the ICT industry, in 2017 she quit her job to fulfill her dreams and passions. Travelling the world to teach, learn and gain valuable knowledge of Yoga. She now dedicates her time to inspire the world to live a more peaceful, happy and healthy life.
Mentoring clients on how to create inner strength, cultivate self-love and being happy in the present moment. You can find out more about here over on her facebook page or on Instagram @Jaynefitspo