Sex and Human Energy


When I was growing up my Mum taught me that when a human sexually interacts with another human, their energy merges. Upon two sexual partners leaving each other’s body, remnants of the others energy remain entangled within their other. Through sexual contact we are creating connection. That connection lives on long after the act of sex takes part. My mum referred to this as a ‘soul tie’.

For a moment, let’s talk about energy. Science tells us that a human is made up of give or take 27 billion billion billion atoms. Quantum physics shows us that when you travel deeper and deeper into the atom, you will see that there is nothing there – just energy waves. Science now embraces the idea that the universe is made of energy. Therefore our entire body, along with our whole perception of physical reality is simply energy waves. We and everything else are energy.

Back to sex...

Since I didn’t understand energy in a scientific way when I was a teenager, I took the information passed on by my Mum, assessed it and put it under the category of ‘hippy dippy nonsense’. I carried on with my interactions without batting an eyelid and rocked into my early 20’s choosing to ignore the relevant advice. I took little time to seriously consider my choice of sexual partners and would experience a feeling of loss, along with a heavy shift in my emotions after casual sex.

It wasn’t until I stumbled across the following quote by Lisa Chase Patterson that my perception transformed:

“Do not sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be yourself.”

When we are choosing to share our sexual energy with a partner who values and respects us, who lives their life consciously, who is on a path of self love and self awareness, we will leave those interactions feeling full & empowered. However, if we choose to sleep with others who do not respect themselves, let alone respect us, this energy merges with our own and stays with us over the days, weeks and even years following on from our interaction. The deeper we go and the longer we spend with a person, the more ingrained their energy becomes with our own. If we don’t clear this, their energy will live within our auric field and create confusion. It can even block us from attracting our ideal partners to us.

So what do we do? We live in a vibrant city full of a delicious array of hot prospects. With so much going on, how do we tune in with who is filling us up with ecstatic, healing energy, and who is leaving us drained?
If you’re someone who loves sex, has numerous sexual partners and feels empowered and vibrant as a woman in your sexual power then this article may not necessarily be for you.

However if you are resonating with these words keep reading.

Here are the symptoms to watch out for after spending intimate time with your sexual partner/s.

After sleeping with your partner you:

- Detect a negative shift in your emotions
- Experience a feeling of emptiness along with a sense of loss
- You feel emotionally attached to the person even if your experience with them wasn’t fulfilling
- Your mood resembles that of a ‘come down’
- You feel you have given away or lost your power
- You experience dreams / nightmares / thoughts which are unusual in comparison to your usual mind frame

Experiencing one or more of the above? No problem. You can shift this experience immediately through the following ritual. Not only that, you can clear any other energy of previous partners from your aura at the same time.

What you’ll need:
- A candle
- A fire proof bowl
- Matches
- A long piece of string
- Sage

- Light candle with matches
- Sit on the floor in front of your candle, bring yourself into a meditative state by focusing on your breath
- In your mind or out loud ask to be shown all of the humans whose energy is held in your aura
- Wait and watch as visions, images or names pop into you mind
- Acknowledge anyone who shows up, accept how seeing them makes you feel. For each person, tie a knot in your string and bring one thing to mind that you are grateful for them teaching you

- Continue this process until you feel that you are finished
-  Take the string in your hands and say out loud “It is commanded that (say the name of the people you saw) is cut, released and removed from my energy field in the highest and best way. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.”
- Now strike a match & safely burn the string, putting the string into the fire proof bowl if needed
- Close yours eyes and imagine that you are in a ball of vibrant light, see that your energy is crystal clear and vibrant
- To close this ritual, burn sage, waft it around your body and the room you are in

Now that you’ve carried out your energy clear, it’s important to empower yourself.

- Pick your men like you pick your fruit. You can afford to be picky, ensure that the people you share your energy with are worthy of your time
- Your pussy is a sacred temple. Vagina, vulva, womb, etc is literally translated from the Sanskrit word  ‘Yoni’ to ‘Sacred Space’. Treat it that way.
- Ask yourself ‘is this someone that I would be happy waking up next to in the morning?’
- Do you feel pressured or objectified to sleep with this person? Don’t go there.
- Define your worth. Write down what you dream of in a perfect sexual or romantic partner. Choose words that make you feel worthy and vibrant
- Don’t sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be yourself

The main thing to bear in mind after reading this information is that your experience up until now is completely perfect. This information is for you to digest and apply in the way which feels exactly right to you.

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Grace Hazel is passionate about vibrant, self evolution. She creates healing experiences through workshops, retreats and 1-1 sessions using practices which hold Yoga and Energy Healing at their core. Grace has a deep interest in empowering women who experience disconnect from their innate gifts of pleasure, healing and intimacy. You can find out more about her via or follow her on Instagram page.