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Words by Nicola Goodhew

It would seem that everyone is currently talking about “soul desires”. So let’s shed some light on why this is so ‘on point’ and how you go about placing some divine orders for yourself.

False, fake, crazy,  busy lives, driven by the need to fit in, be recognised and be liked have clouded our judgment and robbed our joy. We live mostly in the shadow of obligation, fear, and denial. The children we once were, with hopes, dreams, and freedom seem as if they belong in another lifetime. We tell ourselves that we are adults now with responsibilities, commitments, and direct debits. Day-dreaming just ain’t going to cut it.

We even tone out the whispers that tell us it could be another way, fearful that they would take us off track and that we'd crash and burn. The truth is that more people are crashing and burning every day just by trying to get by; ranging from the fake smile, and  “I’m fine”; all the way through the struggle spectrum of anxiety, panic attacks, depression and most sadly, suicide.

It’s your soul that whispers to you. The soul is that higher part of consciousness within you. You might know it as a  gut feeling, an intuition, or an inner voice that exhibits zero judgment. When your soul is in charge, you love and accept yourself deeply and completely. Your passions, your burning desires, and your goals come from your soul – but you don’t depend on those goals to define who you are or to determine your sense of self-worth. You’re okay with or without those goals. When your soul is in charge, you forgive easily and become more accepting of others as they are. Soul desires come directly from you, with no interference from external influences such as the media, the expectation of others, or society.

Your soul doesn’t do anything for praise or rewards. It does what’s right and doesn’t expect any recognition. It is our ego that craves praise, compliments, and rewards. Our ego strives to be stroked, while our soul is happy as is, unnoticed, doing good things for the sake of goodness.

When you are REALLY in tune with yourself and therefore with your soul, you will fall into flow. Flow is a real psychological phenomenon. It's the feeling of getting completely lost in an activity, particularly creativity such as painting, yoga, writing, reading, cooking, or anything else you may enjoy. 

So how do we tap into our soul’s desire and why would we want to?

The soul desire ushers in something for both the individual self and others. This is important because many people don’t give themselves permission to recognise their soul’s desires because they see it as selfish. However, honoring your soul's desires has a knock-on effect on everyone you connect with because it raises your frequency and high vibes your energy.  It is also self renewing and a universal gift. It is the unique way our spirit can behave in the world on a higher more integrated level: 

  1. To be serene and forgiving and bring virtue into the world.

  2. To be unconditional and self-renewing and bring kindness into the world.

  3. To be inspirational and self-aware and bring hope into the world.

  4. To be creative and bring insight into the world.

  5. To be objective and perceptive and bring loving non attachment into the world.

  6. To be courageous and secure and bring faith into the world.

  7. To be abundant and joyful and bring vision into the world.

  8. To be vulnerable and magnanimous and bring strength into the world.

  9. To be awake and balanced and bring peace into the world.

  10. To be well and in control of our health.

Your soul is directly connected to the larger universe, so when you are thinking and feeling with your soul you will feel an indescribable sensation, a connection with the entire universe, especially when you look at something beautiful such as a sunset, a starry night sky, a tree, or something very human, like a couple in love, an old woman whose wrinkles start to look like art, someone giving money or food to a person on the street. Often these things will make you feel emotional because they are so profound & beautiful. You may have previously missed this, being so caught up with thinking through your ego/mind instead of your soul. Your ego sees things as they’re pretending to be, while your soul sees what they innately are. You will only understand your true purpose in life once you quieten your ego, by not giving it so much attention.

Your soul is effortless, so when you are living through your soul everything will begin to feel effortless. This is why it feels like magic! The right circumstances will be drawn to you like a magnet, the universe will open the right doors, get you in touch with the right people, and give you all the resources you require. Becoming more you and living absolutely in your truth is a happy and welcome side effect.

Starting on 2nd July but available to commence at any time, I invite all readers to join me on a 30-day journey of nudges, learnings, and ‘know for sures'. Think audio, insights, jolt’s, journal prompts, creative visualisations, spiritual practices and coaching calls- all in bitesize pieces every day over the Internet. Recorded and yours to keep to tap into at any time.

The SOUL TRUTH SCHOOL will help prepare you to uncover the real you, raise your energy and support you in finding your true soul desires. There will also be a Facebook group of other people to share with along the way, should you wish. I am happy to offer you go-getters a 15% discount and £10 per day (paid in full), it’s worth getting your pencil case ready for.

Make a commitment today to become more gorgeously free.

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