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Everything is Energy

You and I are energy. Everything is energy which is why we are such feeling people, eager to connect. We all know how it feels to walk into a room full of people were something just feels off -heavy and intense - and your overriding feeling is too leave. What is that feeling? The people, the place, or the position? Maybe it is a mixture of all three, and today we are going to examine how your environment impacts your health, success, relationships, wisdom and wellbeing.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui means Water and Wind and it is the study of how energy, or Chi, flows in our environment and how we can use it in a positive way to influence many areas of our life. This ancient body knowledge is over 4000 years old and originates from China. It’s such a fundamental part of the Chinese culture that Feng Shui consultants advise on the placement of buildings for homes and businesses for optimal outcomes. It’s big business today probably more so than ever.

The missing piece of the puzzle

For more than twenty years, personal development has been my priority. I have invested heavily in ongoing programs, coaching, and information - forever interested in expanding my understanding and exploring levels of consciousness. Despite all of this learning, I have always felt that something was missing.

We had moved to a new home three years previously, my relationship was blossoming, and for a couple in our fifties myself and my husband's health was remarkable. However, there seemed to be a stagnation in my business. There was plenty of learning, growing, and effort but not enough success - meaning I had to retain my day job, rather than live my dream life. Money had constantly flowed away, literally down the toilet (more on this later) not towards me. My sleep and therefore renewal rate, was also really poor.

It was time to make a change...

I am delighted to share with you some intentions and actions that have had an instant and ongoing positive impact on my previously weaker area of "Success". I hope you will find them helpful if there are areas that you feel energy isn't flowing.

We moved a very large cabinet which was directly in front of our front door. It was made of old boats and wrapped in metal, and was over 6 foot tall - it slightly resembled a coffin! It turned out that this had been severely blocking our energy and making our entrance unwelcoming. Now in it's place is a table with flowers, a Buddha statue, and a gold mirror on the wall that reflects the staircase. The effect was instant, the whole area feels completely different, and I'm in a total state of confusion as to why it took me three year to make the change!

In the bedroom, we removed two pictures of the ocean, covered the TV at the end of the bed with beautiful fabric, and totally decluttered under the bed. Again a beautiful sense of peace now permeates the space and it feels much more like a sanctuary.

In the office I work from in my home. I had been sitting with my back to the door in order to take advantage of the view from the window. According to Feng Shui, this is a complete no-no. Now I have my back to a "wisdom corner" which has my favourite books, a globe, and another buddha statue. My desk is now at an angle, facing my door and diagonally towards my "Success" direction as well.

Energetically, these moves feel great, but eng Shui is a work in progress and can not be rushed. Next, I plan to change the direction of our bed to see if that helps with my sleep. 

There is however one conundrum and that is that my success corner is literally where the toilet is in the ensuite bathroom! The irony is not lost on me, and I wouldn't rule out moving to to overcome this obstacle. With my last child off to university in September, maybe it's time for a change and a new chapter. One thing is for sure, I will definitely have a compass with me to ensure we maximise our super-flow spaces.

I'd love to help you tap into yours. Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. or you can contact me using the email address below

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