Continuing the Exploration of the Chakras (part 3)


In the last two columns, we began exploring the first four Chakras: Muladhara (Root), Svadhisthana (Sacral), Manipura (Solar Plexus) and Anahata (Heart).

Now we will begin with the basics of the fifth, sixth and seventh, where the chakras connecting to the higher realms will be explored.

Fifth Chakra – Vissudha – Throat Chakra


Element: Sound

Colour: Blue

Physical proximity: Throat

Main Issues: Self Expression, Communication

Demon: Lies

Basic Right: to speak and be heard

As we move upwards in our journey through the chakras the vibrational frequencies resonating in the chakras become increasingly faster. Blue has a shorter wavelength and a higher frequency than the colours below it, just as the sound element is at a higher vibrational level than for example, earth. Higher or faster does not mean 'better' in any way, simply a different property within the spectrum.

The fifth Chakra, Visshuda, is our centre of communication. From here we express ourselves- our voice is our tool with which we can share our experiences with others.

When we feel balanced in our throat chakra, we feel at ease in our communication. We can express our needs and communicate from a place of truth. We can 'find our voice’, both literally and via creative means of self-expression. A balanced fifth chakra also helps us to be good listeners, both to others and to our own intuition.

Traumas to the fifth chakra can include: Lies and secrets (including being told lies- which makes us mistrust our own judgment, or makes us believe it is ok to lie), contradictory messages, criticism in excessive or aggressive verbal form, and excessively authoritarian parenting.

A deficient fifth chakra can be expressed through poor communication, inability to speak up or express yourself verbally, excessive shyness, or a weak voice. Physically these can manifest as recurring problems in the throat, voice, ears, or jaw. As sound is the element relating to this chakra, poor rhythm would also be an indication of a fifth chakra imbalance.

Overcompensating for problems within this chakra could result in excessive talking and gossiping, poor communication skills in the form of being a poor listener, interrupting constantly, or overly dominating conversations.

So you think you might have an imbalanced throat chakra?

One of the best ways to heal Visshuda is by chanting and singing. Look for local chanting groups, singing circles or yoga classes with chanting to help you find your voice and get expressing yourself. Excessive chakras can be balanced by meditating in silence, letting others speak, and refraining from idle gossiping, and instead of practising the art of listening, both to others and to your own inner self.

Sixth Chakra – Ajna – Third Eye Chakra


Element: Light

Colour: Indigo

Physical proximity: Brow

Main Issues: Intuition

Demon: Illusion

Basic Right: to see

Now we have arrived at the higher realm chakras, and next up is the all-seeing third eye.

The vibration is now moving relative to the speed of light and the colour indigo. The issues here are relating to intuition, seeing not with your physical eyes, but with your third eye. Insights, visualisations, seeing your truth and manifesting your dreams are all issues of the third eye.

When balanced, we are perceptive, intuitive and self-reflected, and live in a conscious way.

A deficiency here can be shown through a lack of sensitivity, difficulty visualising your own future, poor intuition or perception of things. Headaches are a common problem relating to this chakra, as well as nightmares, poor concentration, or lack of clarity.

Healing the third eye can be helped by guided meditations, creating visual art and art therapy, keeping a dream journal, and meditating to help enable clarity. Once we have the clarity we need to perceive our vision, we can begin to manifest our dreams.

Seventh Chakra – Sahasrara – Crown Chakra


Element: Thought

Colour: Violet

Physical proximity: Crown

Main Issues: Awareness, wisdom, consciousness, spirituality

Demon: Attachment

Basic Right: to know
Now we have reached our crown; our highest point of connection to spirituality, the universe, and wisdom of all that is. Awareness, open-mindedness and thoughtfulness are characteristics of this chakra.

If we grew up with forced religion, strict rules, or were not allowed to be curious, it could have caused an imbalance in our crown chakra. Spiritual cynicism, materialism, rigid beliefs, and lack of curiosity are deficient characteristics for Sahasrara. Similarly, an overly intellectual and analytical approach to life or an addiction to spirituality can be markers of excess.

Each individual must find their unique ways of connecting mind, spirit, and beyond. Examining your existing belief system is a good place to start. Do you believe in higher powers? Which belief system governs your life? Do you feel connected to the people, the world, and the universe around you?

Sadly, in the world right now we see a huge lack of this feeling of connection. That is why it is such an important time for us to deepen our connection, to ourselves, each other, and the earth. In this way, working to heal ourselves is not only a personal journey to better our own lives but has wide-reaching effects as we become more connected and compassionate.

This has been a brief journey through the chakras (check out part one and part two), and if you would like to read about them in much more depth and detail, I have based a lot of information from 'Eastern Body, Western Mind', by Anodea Judith, and 'Anatomy of the Spirit' by Caroline Myss, PhD. These are both great books for a thorough exploration of the chakra system, taking you on a personal journey through each page.


Anna is a Reiki therapist and Psychology graduate from the UK, living and working in Berlin.Find out more about Reiki on her website