The Power of Words


Words by Jo Hodson

There is such an incredible power in words.

In language.

In writing.

The magic of writing

I have loved writing since childhood, channeling my thoughts through the written medium, but it's only when I began blogging back in 2011 that I really began to explore more deeply what writing meant to me.

Over time and without realising it, I moved from a place of focus on sharing information to a focus on the journey that the writing took me on. And that's the piece I find fascinating, the journey that writing takes us on. A process of getting out of our head, through our body, through our hand on to the paper. 

It feels like arranging all these messy, chaotic, jumbled thoughts, words and sounds into an articulated formation. It's putting words to the feelings that would otherwise be unexpressed and unexplored.

And that's so powerful. Because if we can put words and language to these feelings, we can unlock them and articulate them out there in the world, regardless if anyone else ever sees them.

 That's magic.

As we come towards the end of the year, we can't help but hold a mindset of reflection as one year is closing with the anticipation of a new year ahead. In some many ways it is the perfect time for writing.


A lot of people talk about journaling, I feel as though it's become the new 'in' thing which is great…

But even in that space I sometimes feel a sense of pressure to 'do it right'. To journal every day, or to journal in a certain way or to write a certain amount of words. I think particularly with the 'Morning Pages' practice which has become quite popular through 'The Artist’s Way' by Julia Cameron, where she talks about filling three sides of A4 every single morning...  

That feels quite overwhelming for me. It blocks me.

Sometimes I don't feel the need to write at all, other days I feel the desire to express myself in all sorts of ways.

Sometimes it's just writing a short poem, a few words in a sentence or just broken up across a few lines of paper- a haiku of sorts.

Some days I just need to express verbally by speaking into my phone when no one is listening.

Some days my writing translates into a blog post or a Facebook post so that others may share in my world, so that others may offer their perspective on the experience I'm sharing.  

Writing and connection

It feels to me, that if we can't articulate that inner landscape, then we can't gather the strength of other people's experience. Other voices sharing; "Yes, me too, I've been there". Other voices celebrating with us, feeling their own strength build as they realise they are not alone.

There is as an amazing sense of community, a sense of depth, of vulnerability, of integrity and deep love through sharing our experiences through words, when we create space and give ourselves permission to bring those thoughts down from our heads in to our bodies to be shared out loud in the world.

Often at 'wellness' shows and festivals there is a wall which features a question in big bold letters - something like "What does love mean to you?" ...and then there are stacks of papers, pens and post it notes for people to write their expression of 'love' and then share that expression with the world by sticking it up on the wall for everyone to see. 

It's beautiful, because in reading through those expressions it creates a space and a context to reinforce, reshape and illuminate my own expression. Allowing me to reflect on my own experience by observing the experiences of others. 

For me, the process of writing is a process of re-connection. It's a process of opening and awakening that deep unfiltered space once again.

What about you?

What does the writing mean to you? What does language and the written word mean for you and your expression in the world?

Curious to explore? Start tomorrow with a short exercise as soon as you awake - grab a journal and a pen, set a timer for just three minutes and let you hand move, write whatever flows out... unedited and unfiltered without judgement or expectation.

Notice what shifts.

I wonder what will show up in that space. I wonder what sharing of yourself through words will awaken within your life and maybe, if you choose, the lives of others.


Jo is a life and mindset coach who shares more of her ‘words’ over on her blog. Are you are curious to explore more deeply how the process of writing as re-connection could help you on your journey, in a deeply supportive, creative space? Take a look at Jo’s Reflect & Reconnect Writing Retreat in February 2019 – full details to be found over on her blog:

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