Waxing Moon and The Maiden


Last month I shared some reflections on the benefits of integrating nature’s cycles into our own search to comprehend and understand the various aspects of our Selves. If you haven’t already, I would suggest reading that piece (on the Full Moon and its association with the archetype of the Mother) here as it contextualises this month’s piece and offers some insight into the opportunities that reflecting in this way can offer.

We are currently in the Waxing Gibbous phase of the moon as it heads back towards fullness following the new moon; growing bigger and brighter with each passing night. Whereas the full moon, which was the topic of last month’s reflections, is associated with the archetype of the Mother, this phase in the Lunar cycle is associated with the archetype of the Maiden.

The Maiden is characterised by action, confidence, assertiveness and motivation. When we embody and connect with this archetype our vision is clear and we have a strong will to bring our desires, projects and transformations to fruition. This focused energy is sometimes perceived as selfishness; but doesn’t necessarily need to carry negative connotations when we remember that this is just a phase that we pass through, an aspect of self, which is necessary and balanced out with other complementary phases and the qualities they bring. Sometimes we are wrapped up in our own worlds and focused on our own path, at other times we are devoted to others and able and willing to widen our sphere of attention. Both ways of being have their place.

In the run-up to the next full moon on May 28th, experiment with tapping into the qualities associated with this waxing lunar phase and its associated archetype of the Maiden. Harness the rising energy of this stage in the cycle and your own inherent dynamism.

Permit yourself some time to build the life you want by trying some/any of the following:

  • Don’t feel guilty about being clear about your boundaries of how much you can give to others at this time. As always, it’s a balancing act, but at the very least schedule in some ‘alone time’ to really focus on your projects and passions.

  • If necessary set some achievable goals that you can refer back to through the month to keep you gently on track

  • Invest time and/or money in any courses or workshops that feed your inspiration and drive

  • Establish new lifestyle routines that you have been meaning to implement, and stand in your power when/if people question them or are unsupportive

  • Ask for help if you need it. Have the confidence that your needs will be met

  • The time is now! Embrace Carpe Diem and make the most of your time and energy

  • Acknowledge and celebrate others who are stepping into their personal power so that the embodiment of the Maiden can be extended and celebrated in everyone.

Enjoy! As always, would love to hear from you in the comments below if you connect with this and find it useful <3

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Jasmine Pradhan is the editor and co-founder of Balance Garden, and is also a London based yoga teacher you can find her on instagram @stretchandthecity or on her website www.stretchandthecity.co.uk