What is Law of Attraction?


Words by Nid Ra

Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that has been popular for many years. It can be a helpful mindset training to bring about an easier and lighter, yet more fulfilling way of living.  Through adapting cognitive reframing techniques, mindfulness, visualisation and affirmations the intention is to reshape perspective.

The Rules of Law of Attraction

As a Universal Law it is operating all of the time, just like karma or gravity, this is a law that interacts with all living beings. Just because it is universal does not mean that it trumps another law, so it cannot change gravity. They all work harmoniously together.

The rules are quite simple:

  1. It is a magnetic force of ‘Like attracts like’,

  2. What is focused upon will fill the perspective,

  3. Desire drives it so emotion gives it more energy.

  4. It works regardless of positive or negative.


If a person is pictured as emitting frequencies to the universe from thoughts and feelings (both forms of energy) and the universe sends those signals back to the person tower. The stronger the signal the more that is sent back. Consider it a guaranteed energy investment that where energy is spent it will produce results.

This means that focus and energy expenditure on negative feelings creates more negative feelings and experiences to appear to arise in life. Or the reverse if the focus is on positive feelings and experiences.

Two pieces of advice support Law of Attraction:

Be careful what you wish for’ – wish and put energy into positive feelings and experiences, and

Have an attitude of gratitude’ to bring more things in life that are appreciated and enjoyed.  

What are the Benefits of Law of Attraction?

It produces the results for what is focused upon and this can be for anything within the laws of physics. For example, if the focus and desire are into positive health, then health will be experienced as improved.

The benefits often are associated with money and a positive mindset. These do not have to be the intention and focus, it is particular to each individual. The individual chooses their intention from health, wealth, happiness, romance, connections, experiences and many other choices in life.  

Law of Attraction can provide:

  1. Awareness of the choice to feel positive or negative in each moment,

  2. To be present in each moment as a guidance for feeling awareness that is being invested into the future,

  3. Use of intuition to guide decision making that leads to positive outcomes,

  4. Self-responsibility for feelings and perspective of life experience, and

  5. Empowerment of creating one’s own destiny.

How to practice Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is about enjoying the process rather than the end result. This requires an awareness of thoughts and feelings to guide what is the focus and energy of the moment. It is a slow process as thankfully not everything manifests instantly from thoughts and feelings – that would be overwhelming.

Here are 6 simple, yet not always so ‘simple’ steps to practice law of Attraction:

  1. Become aware of the dominant thoughts and feelings with a mindfulness practice. Note dominant negative thoughts and feelings that return and return.

  2. Find a ‘neutral’ feeling through cute animal visualisation, physical activities (preferably in nature) or meditation.

  3. Retrain the dominant thoughts and feelings to a positive reaction – for each negative thought what can oppose it? Enter a self-debate!

  4. Set a desire that has strong positive feelings (here is the intention) -

    1. Visualise and sense feel into positive desires, so they can be recognised when they arrive,

    2. Use positive imagery, affirmations and actions to lift the vibration to something more positive, and

    3. Start an appreciation or gratitude practice to see the blessings around.

  5. Let go of the desire (intention) and believe that it will come in its own unique way, likely unforeseen.

  6. Enjoy time doing and being with light and fun experiences, so that when the desire arrives it can be received with love and gratitude.

Law of Attraction requires an active process, choices must be made and actions taken from a place that agrees with the intended outcome. If there is doubt, hesitation, disbelief or incredulity that the outcome is not obtainable, then it will not arise.

The process of Law of Attraction requires the arts of ‘allowing’ and ‘receiving’. This means to let go of what is desired and welcome inspiration into the moment. The ‘flow state’ that geniuses describe is this process where the answers appear to flow through and solutions appear as if by Divine gifts. The mind is more open to receive when in the flow of enjoyment. What is received are prompts that take a person in the direction of the steps to create the desired outcome, whether an impromptu conversation with a stranger or otherwise.


Tricky Challenges

Beliefs, society’s expectations and subconscious patterns will limit the ability to let go and believe. The old habits die hard - negative thoughts and feelings will find their way back in.

Here are some activities to clear the mind and feelings to clear those negative patterns:

Beliefs – Take the time to consider all your individual beliefs held around love, romance, family, authenticity, money, health, connection, spirituality, and community. Write out what they are and question each one until there is clarity as to why it should be believed.

Evidence - Journal all the times when what has been asked for has been delivered in life. This can be a negative experience too but recognise that the universe delivered. This list can be helpful to become more aware of the process of co-creating with thoughts and feelings.

Triggers – Notice situations and people that trigger negative responses. Keep a log of triggers and the response. Perhaps journal and see if there is a reason like a belief as to why the trigger exists. Consider how else to respond. Is it possible to change the response from a trigger with a mindful minute practice?

Compassion – Be compassionate with yourself. Every time a negative thought or feeling is noticed, be pleased and congratulate yourself on this. Then come to neutral (a favourite is a puppy visualisation) and feel the sweetness of this image towards yourself. Alternatively, try this Tonglen Meditation practice that cultivates kindness.

It takes time to shift to a positive mindset. Little and often is key because the frequency from the tower is always on. There are always many steps back and forth, so enjoy the process of learning to walk a life of joy.


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