So What's it all about?

Balance Garden was dreamed into being by friends and colleagues working in the wellness and holistic health fields who were seeing an increasing number of burnt out, tired, and fed up clients passing through our doors and studios. Life in the city can feel like a perpetual race, competition, and to do list. Connection, self care, and real purpose outside of work can sometimes feel like a distant dream.

We decided to launch a blog that publishes accessible and concise information to help people slow down, soak it all up, and find balance and juicy joy in their lives. Alongside that we work with individuals and businesses, providing yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, massage, coaching and much more with bespoke packages and one off events and sessions. Events and retreats are also a big part of what we do, where we aim to facilitate spaces that reconnect people to each other and themselves

Balance Garden is about cultivating a fulfilled life, bringing in tools and practices to support the fast paced world in which we are expected to live. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.